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Truck Mounted Moffett Forklifts


We now offer the most flexible portable delivery systems on the market: Moffett forklifts.

Moffetts are specialised forklifts which are trailer mounted offering one of the most flexible portable delivery systems currently on the market – And we at Kings Transport Services can now provide this service. The truck mounted forklift is lightweight in design and simply sits on the back end of a trailer and is permanently carried around and detached once on site to provide an excellent lifting solution. The design of the unit means that when fixed to the back of the trailer there is only a very short over hang, which therefore meets with trailer regulations. The flexibility this forklift provides is substantial. It is easily detachable and deployed for time constrained deliveries, and has excellent maneuverability (even on uneven grounds) – offering a load lifting capacity of up to 2.25ton – A perfect solution particularly for delivery sites with no unloading facilities.

Our Moffett drivers are qualified and trained ensuring your goods are delivered as efficiently and as safely as possible. Being Niche Market Specialists within the UK Domestic and European Logistics sector, our supply chain of daily run HIAB / Crane and Moffett facilities provide no boundary limitation and increased flexibility to your ever changing freight management environment. For more information about the many advantages of Moffett forklifts, see our Moffett blog post.


  • Bagged or Palletised Mortar – Aggregate – Minerals – Blast Material
  • Silos – small, large and full length 13.6m Artic
  • Bricks and Blocks
  • Stone – palletised ceramics
  • Site Offices – Cabins – Pre Fabricated roof structures – Containers
  • Machinery
  • Hot Tubs – Leisure Industry products
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Concrete sections for Waste and Minerals industry


If this flexible, all-inclusive service can assist you with your deliveries, please do contact us to discuss further.

Kings Transport acquires Ningbo London

Both entities will now trade under Kings Transport Holdings Limited to highlight their unity. We’re proud to be partnering with the renowned Palletline business, and we can’t wait to improve our logistics services together.