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Leading service levels provided for our clients requiring ambient and refrigerated transport and storage. When it comes to food warehousing and distributing, safety is our priority.

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Our Food Distribution Services

Meeting your need for ambient, chilled transportation and HACCP food storage.


High-quality, integrated logistics solutions for many leading and local brands distributed to large wholesalers, supermarkets and small outlets.


Kings Transport Services Ltd ensures that perishable goods are stored in food warehouses and shipped in refrigerated transportation, with both facilities following tightly regulated conditions.


Real-time Tracking

Know the whereabouts of your delivery at any given time and accurate estimations of arrival times with Kings Transport.

HACCP &GMP Accreditation

Kings Transport Services Ltd has achieved and governs its food-grade warehouses according to, HACCP & GMP Accreditation against the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.

Temperature Solutions




Food Distribution Services You Can Trust

Our extensive network enables us to provide a comprehensive food warehousing and distribution management service covering the whole of the UK and Europe. We provide cost-effective transportation and food warehousing solutions, HACCP, reliable GPS tracking, and over 45 years of experience with our customers.

Whether you need quick shipping or a total supply chain solution, we have the expertise to bring you reliable service that keeps you informed and in control of the movement of your food and drink goods.

Some of the features of using our Food Distribution services:


Ensuring Your Products Arrive In Perfect Condition

Our temperature-controlled vehicles cover temperatures from ambient to cool to refrigerated and frozen to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition. Here at Kings Transport we are continually investing in and developing market-leading technology to ensure the greatest level of visibility and control of our food warehousing and transportation services and ensure that we meet all the HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) standards.


Whether you are looking for a Transport only, or Storage, management and distribution, Kings Transport Services Ltd has the experience and capabilities you can trust. Our GPS-tracked fleet enables us, and you, to know exactly where your delivery is at any given time, giving you confidence in our service. For more information on our fleet and their varying specifications, click here.

Tailored Service

A Foods storage Safety Plan is coordinated with the customer and implemented. Robust tracking services ensure your goods arrive as required and are fully documented. We have experienced management and operations teams who have shared good practices and developed robust processes to ensure that we deliver an efficient, proactive, solution-centred and most importantly safe service time and time again.

Trusted Excellence

Leading Accreditations

We are members of RHA and hold an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in Quality Management.

FORS Silver Standard

A standard that raises the level of quality within fleet operations and demonstrates exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

HACCP & GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Food Safety Management certified.

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Our Services

Palletised Freight

As pallet delivery and distribution specialists, here at Kings Transport we can give you your passport to fast and reliable palletised distribution throughout Europe.

Contract Logistics

Bespoke, cost effective method for outsourcing all or part of your corporate logistical solutions and requirements including warehousing and inventory management, transportation and distribution, order processing and more.

Food Distribution Solutions

Leading service levels provided for our clients requiring ambient and refrigerated transport and storage. When it comes to food warehousing and distribution, safety is our priority.

Warehousing & Storage

Over 90,000 sq ft Warehousing throughout Essex and Hertfordshire at highly secure storage facilities. ​Our UK transport company offers unique solutions to fit each of our customer’s needs and have facilities equipped with full pallet traceability and online stock control.

Customs Clearance ETSF

Customs clearance in the UK and controlled goods can be transferred from the port of arrival to our temporary storage facility pending customs clearance to avoid unnecessary delays or quay rent charges.

Amazon Pallet Partners

Kings Transport are preferred carriers for Amazon, consolidating loads for over 2,000 vendors and delivering daily to 23 UK fulfilment centres with Amazon.


Kings Transport operate a fleet of vehicles ranging from articulated Lorries to a 3.5 tonne van, including 7.5 tonne, 18 tonne, 26 tonne curtain sides, flatbeds and boxed vehicles, and provide 24/7 transportation services.



Kings Transport

Christmas Opening Hours 2023

Tuesday 19th December 2023 Last day for: Palletline service level C (72hrs) collections for pre-Christmas delivery. Wednesday 20th December 2023 Last day for: Palletline service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our food-grade warehouses are kept at the temperatures required for the specific food items in question. Generally, perishable foods are stored at temperatures between 0-4℃. These would include fruits and meats, for example. Foods that are not perishable can be stored at higher temperatures, anywhere between 10-21℃. These foods may include canned meat, jelly or peanut butter.

To store or transport ambient food means to maintain food at room temperature. Essentially, this is usually done in regard to non-perishable food. That being said, despite non-perishables being mostly immune to degradation over time, there has to be carefully put into how they’re stored in order to keep the product as fresh as possible. Food stored at ambient temperatures must be placed within clean and dry conditions with a good level of ventilation. It also must be kept separate from other foods that may cause cross-contamination.

HACCP is a food management system that identifies and controls any potential hazards that may occur during food storage and production so that they are safe for eating. The system has several steps. 

  • Hazard Analysis – This essentially details a method to find and/or check for elements of the warehouse environment that may cause harm to the food being stored. 
  • CCP (Critical Control Points) – This is a procedure to undergo when a hazard is detected, in order to remove the said hazard and ensure that it has not caused any undue change to the food stored. 
  • Record Taking – Perhaps one of the more critical parts of HACCP is recording all hazards detected and resolved, in order to prevent further damage from happening. 

GMP refers less to hazards, and more to maintain a high level of quality across all foods. GMP involves keeping strict procedures when handling and storing food, mostly in the realm of keeping facilities clean and hygienic. It also involves controlling raw materials and ingredients, monitoring production processes and conducting regular quality checks. 

By following these, we ensure our food warehouses are always in the best condition it can be.